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The testimonials below are taken from mail sent to Dr. Carter.
BodyTalk™ Therapy Alleviates Menopause Symptoms
I have had the astounding pleasure of having had several BodyTalk sessions over the past few years and have always been amazed at the results. Also, BodyTalk addresses the spiritual, mental emotional and physical "selves." It can potentially root out any issues of the past that are impeding moving forward in human relationships, careers, etc. It also helps to heal physical imbalances. Although BodyTalk worked in a subtle manner, I knew that it was indeed working because of the balances that occurred in my being.

Initially, I experienced side effects of either fatigue or hunger; but as I continued to receive BodyTalk sessions these subsided and all I felt each time was emotional bliss and physical balance.

All of my menopause issues are just about cleared, and a major part of this has been BodyTalk. I recommend it highly and would like to to see medical doctors and naturopathic doctors use it as a regular addendum to their treatments. I consider it as a metaphysical panacea for the twenty-first century.
S. A., (Southfield, MI)

BodyTalk™ Provides Relief From Allergy Problems
I was introduced to BodyTalk approximately 9 months ago. I have received approximately 6 treatments. The results have been phenomenal. I originally started BodyTalk due to an excessive mucous / allergy problem. I was optimistic about totally releasing my allergy condition. After my first three BodyTalk sessions I did in fact have some significant allergy relief because I had some even more significant subconscious relationship issues altered. As a result, I released my attachment to my ex-husband, experienced an improved relationship with my sister and released some attachment to my former mother-in-law that was preventing me from attracting healthy male relationships. I also experienced much stress this past summer partially due to attending school for my teaching certification. A BodyTalk session allowed me to complete two accelerated classes and make the kinds of grades I have been accustomed to making.
I am now attracting healthier male relationships. I know I am healthier by my conscious food choices. I exercise patience and I am in a stronger financial position. Finances have been an issue during this period. I thank Bob Carter for his expertise.
C. L. S. (Detroit, MI)
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Dr. Carter, the certified BodyTalk practitioner at Perfect Circle Natural Health Services, is one of the most experienced, respected and successful BodyTalk practitioners in the mid west. He holds a doctorate degree in Naturopathy, is certified by the Institute of Certified Natural Health Professionals as a Certified Natural Health Professional, and is a certified PaRama BodyTalk practitioner. He earned a bachelor of science degree in engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point and a master of science degree in administration from Central Michigan University.

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