BodyTalk™ Sessions

Initial BodyTalk™ Session:   $100
Subsequent BodyTalk™ Sessions   $75
Disabled Veterans, persons diagnosed as having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Policemen, Firemen, and Emergency Medical Technicians (with proof of disability or employment):   $65

BodyTalk™ Access Sessions

Individual Sessions:   $25
A series of 5 pre-purchased sessions:   $100

Nutritional Counseling Sessions:




Initial BodyTalk Access™ Seminar:
A one-day seminar that teaches the BodyTalk Access™ techniques.
Attendees will be registered with the international BodyTalk™ Association as Certified BodyTalk Access™ Technicians.
Fundamentals of Energy Medicine seminar:
A one-day seminar that covers the following topics:
  • What Natural Health Practitioners Can Legally Do Or Say
  • A special Topic (A topic that will meet practitioner current needs.)
  • Muscle Testing
  • Basic Nutrition Concepts

    Other seminars will be announced soon.

    Recommended Products and Services

    The Elite Community (
    Immerse yourself in an intense adventure of self-discovery that provides tools for lasting change. Accept the 45 Day Challenge® for Life Balance. You will be supported in a daily system to develop goals, and learn the actions required to make those goals a reality. You will learn how to utilize your unconscious conditioning system to help you perform at optimum levels.

    Michigan Institute for Prevention and Intervention (MIPI) (
    Michigan Institute For Prevention and Intervention is a non-profit corporation that provides outpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment services to individuals, families, groups, and consultation services and training to community organizations and agencies. They provide a broad range of clinical treatment services specializing in the areas of Anger Management, Bi-Polar Depressive Disorder, Domestic Violence and other major emotional and mental health issues.

    Nature’s Very Best Health Center (
    The mission of Nature’s Very Best Health Center is to provide quality products and services to the community and to H.E.L.P.T.O.H.E.A.L. (Holistically Empowering, Lifting People Towards Optimal Health, Encouraging Alternative Living). Bottled alkaline water is one of their premier products. The center is also constructing a vegetarian delicatessen. They pride themselves on 5 Star customer service, encourage their customers to educate themselves about their bodies and overall health.

    The Wellness Resource Center (
    For more than 6 years, the Wellness Resource Center has served Metro Detroit with a focus on enhancing the quality of life of Northwest Detroit residents by providing holistic health education, products and services. They realize that wellness coaching is a necessary support mechanism for those who have made a commitment to their health and well-being. When you become an Optimal Plan Member (allows discounts on therapeutic massage, life enhancement coaching and access to their holistic library) you will also receive a complimentary wellness coaching session. Contact Versandra Kennebrew at 313-397-6802.

    Daniel Ferrera: Qi Gong Senior Instructor and Healer (
    Inner strength, focus, power, healing, Inner peace, balance. As a student of Sifu Ferrera I have experienced them all. Feel the power. Feel the inner peace. Contact Sifu Dan Ferrera at (248) 478-1088.

    Zrii Nutritional Products (
    Zrii is a line of ayuervedic nutritional supplements endorsed by the Chopra Center for Wellbeing. Feature products include:
    • Zrii, a powerful liquid supplement that contains amalaki fruit, turmeric root, Jujube fruit, tulsi leaf, schizandra fruit, haritaki fruit, and ginger root.
    • Nutriveda, an effective, nutritious weight loss product that supports fat metabolism, normal blood sugar levels, suppresses the appetite, increases energy.
    Univera Nutritional Products (
    Renew, Restore, Nourish and Fortify,
    Univera is an aloe vera based product line that offers several potent products to improve health and wellness. Feature products include:
    • AgelessXtra, a powerful proprietary blend of nutritional and botanical ingredients developed from decades of research. AgelessXtra proven effectiveness gives you an energy source for daily renewal.
    • Regenicare, formulated to improve joint comfort and mobility.
      Univera has a non-profit division (Serve First) that provides nutritious beverage supplements to children in need throughout the world.
    For additional information contact Dr. Carter (

    Mandura Nutritional Products (
    Mandura is a potent liquid nutritional supplement containing the durian, a nutritional mainstay in the country of Thailand, mangosteen, acai and blueberry.
    Mandura is a growth company that is currently developing new products that will positively impact health and lifestyle. The company has also developed a “Feed the Children” program to feed one child in the United States for every bottle of Mandura sold. For additional information contact Dr. Carter (


    I am so impressed by BodyTalk that I've referred Dr. Carter to numerous people so that they can experience what I have. During the sessions that I have attended something positive has always occurred, physically as well as mentally.

    My first session caught me off guard and I didn't know what to expect until Dr. Carter worked on relaxing me. After I became relaxed there was no stopping me, I even shed a few tears. I enjoy attending the sessions because Dr. Carter is so patient and doesn't try to rush you. I have never had to wait, because of him over booking or being on the telephone. He is such a courteous and companionate person.

    Dr. Carter also gets right down to the core of your problem and works with you to resolve it. He believes in what he is doing as being blessed by God, and puts his whole mind, body and soul into it.

    Every time my session is completed, Dr. Carter will do a follow up call the next day to make sure I am all right, and I truly appreciate that about him.

    V. E. W. (Detroit, MI)

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