What is BodyTalk™?

BodyTalk™ is a simple, easy and extremely effective holistic therapy that re-synchronizes the body's energy systems so that they can operate the way nature intended. The therapy is non-invasive and yields fast results. It does not interfere with any other health regimen you are practicing. The BodyTalk™ system combines modern physics, mathematics, the energy dynamics of acupuncture, advanced yoga, advaitic philosophy, the clinical findings of applied kinesiology and Western medical expertise.

Every cell in a human body is in constant communication with other cells at all times. Over time, this communication can weaken and in some cases disconnect altogether. Reconnecting these lines of communication with BodyTalk™ therapy restores the body's internal communication and allows the body to function the way nature intended. BodyTalk™ therapy allows the body to heal itself.

What happens during a BodyTalk™ session?

During a BodyTalk™ session, the practitioner works to reestablish lines of communication – energy circuits -- in the body that have been compromised or disconnected. The practitioner locates the compromised or disconnected energy circuits by using a form of neuromuscular biofeedback technique known as muscle-testing.

Once disconnected energy circuits have been identified, the practitioner and client lightly touch the areas that have been identified. The practitioner then taps gently on the head and the sternum. By tapping on the head, the brain becomes aware of and repairs the communication link. Tapping on the heart stores the memory of this link in the patient's body and mind so that these parts will remain in good communication with one another.

This process is repeated for each issue that the patient is experiencing and enables the mechanisms of the body to function at optimal levels. When the body functions at optimal levels healing is accelerated and future imbalances are prevented.

What causes the body's systems and cells to stop communicating?

Communications within the body break down as a result of emotional, physical or mental stress. This is the root of disease in the body.

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