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Body Talk Access Logo BodyTalk Access™ is a subset of BodyTalk™. This set
of five simple techniques, when performed in the proper sequence and often enough can greatly improve one’s overall health. It is a 10 – 15 minute protocol that provides the opportunity to help maintain our health, and the health of our communities.

BodyTalk Access™ also includes an emergency protocol known as Fast Aid. Fast Aid can be used to help injured persons after 911 personnel have been contacted and while they are en route.

Dr. Carter conducting a BodyTalk Access™ Seminar.
BodyTalk Access™ can be used and performed by anyone who has been properly trained. The protocol can be used in several environments such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, addiction centers, paramedical environments, pre operative and post operative situations and corporate environments. The uses of BodyTalk™ and BodyTalk Access™ are limitless! BodyTalk Access™ is used all over the world including the United States, Canada, South Africa and Australia. The list of countries continues to grow.

BodyTalk Access™ training seminars are one-day seminars taught by Dr. Carter and other BodyTalk Access™ instructors all over the world. The seminars are much less expensive than the more advanced BodyTalk™ System seminars, and provide opportunities for many to become familiar with this form of consciousness based health care. If you wish to attend a BodyTalk Access™ one-day seminar and you live in the mid west, contact Dr. Carter ( If you do not reside in the mid west, refer to the International BodyTalk™ Association web site ( to locate a BodyTalk Access™ instructor near you.

Make an Appointment with Dr. Robert L. Carter, BodyTalk™ Practitioner
Dr. Carter, the certified BodyTalk™ practitioner at Perfect Circle Natural Health Services, is one of the most experienced, respected and successful BodyTalk™ practitioners in the mid west He holds a doctorate degree in Naturopathy, is certified by the Institute of Certified Natural Health Professionals as a Certified Natural Health Professional, and is a certified PaRama BodyTalk practitioner. He earned a bachelor of science degree in engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point and a master of science degree in administration from Central Michigan University.

For more information about BodyTalk Access™ seminars or to make an appointment for BodyTalk™ therapy , contact Dr. Carter (


CEU Credits Awarded for Completing BodyTalk Access Seminar

Dr. Carter's BodyTalk seminar has been approved as a source of continuing education units.

BodyTalk Access is designed to be used by any layperson or health care professional to bring about significant improvement in health, using five simple techniques. The program can be learned in one day and implemented in ten minutes. It's perfect for use with your friends, your family and yourself.

To enroll in a BodyTalk Access seminar, contact Dr. Carter.

BodyTalk Therapy Ends Menopausal Distress

Menopause can cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms. Read how a patient of Dr. Carter was relieved of menopause symptoms after BodyTalk therapy.
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