BodyTalk™: A Profound Healing System

Robert L. Carter BodyTalk™ is a method of restoring the proper flow of energy throughout the body, thus enabling the body to balance itself and heal. It is based on three premises:
  • Communication – The body’s organs, glands, body parts and cells must communicate with each other. Illness can occur if this does not happen efficiently.
  • Order – The processes in all systems must occur in the proper sequences. Digestion, for example, requires food to be well processed and the proper types and amounts of digestive substances to be produced at the proper time. Disorders ranging from indigestion to ulcers (and worse) can occur if the correct digestive sequence is disrupted.
  • Innate wisdom – The body has an innate wisdom that can heal the body at all levels. It is this innate wisdom that is responsible for our very existences. Your innate wisdom caused a specific sperm and egg cell to unite, multiply and to develop into lung tissue, heart tissue, and so on. At the right time your innate wisdom directed that this mass of cells produce blood, and that the mass of cells known as the heart to begin beating. Even when you get a simple injury such as a paper cut, your body’s innate wisdom begins the healing process automatically at all levels: physically, mentally and emotionally!
Communication with the body’s innate wisdom is accomplished via a modified form of muscle testing (Kinesiology). The practitioner, using a very specific protocol, identifies the body’s priorities for healing. (The human body knows how it got to whatever condition it’s in and what needs to happen for it to heal.) Priorities are identified in the form of links. For example, the heart may need to communicate or “be linked” to the liver in order to facilitate healing. The practitioner then places the client’s hands or his hands on the heart and liver to establish “communication” between them. The practitioner then gently taps the client’s head to reset the brain wave and raise awareness that communication must be reestablished. After tapping the head the practitioner then taps the client’s heart. This stores the change. During this process (or shortly thereafter), an “energic shift” occurs, the heart and liver can once again communicate efficiently, and the body can heal as it needs to.

The body is the best source of information that exists about the client. BodyTalk™ is an extremely powerful healing method because the practitioner gives credence to what the client’s body says the priorities for healing are. What might be considered miracles in terms of healing have happened using BodyTalk™. Relief from arthritis, chronic fatigue, stress, emotional disorders, headaches, infections, pain, menstrual irregularities, digestive disorders, and many other conditions have been achieved by listening to what clients’ bodies are trying to tell us, and assisting them in reestablishing communication between its many systems.

Everyone needs BodyTalk™ as a result of being subjected to physical stresses of daily life, from emotional trauma, exposure to chemical substances that exist within our environment, and energy fields produced by our environment and the electronic devices we use daily. The number of BodyTalk™ sessions required will vary from client to client based on their individual needs. The BodyTalk™ System is safe and non-invasive. It is currently being practiced around the world. Professional BodyTalk™ practitioners must undergo an intensive training program that includes both theoretical and practical course content. BodyTalk™ certification can only be issued by the International BodyTalk™ System Association.

The BodyTalk™ System was developed by Dr. John Veltheim. Dr. Veltheim is a chiropractor, traditional acupuncturist, philosopher and Reiki Master. He ran a successful clinic in Brisbane Australia for 15 years where he was the principal of the Brisbane College of Acupuncture and Natural Therapies for five years. His extensive post graduate studies include applied kinesiology, bioenergetic therapy, osteopathy, sports medicine, counseling, comparative philosophy and theology.

I sincerely urge everyone to take advantage of this profound healing system. More information about BodyTalk™ can be found on the internet at the website of the International BodyTalk™ System Association ( You can also contact me at


I wanted to take an opportunity to thank you for your services. The Body Talk session that we had was very enlightening and it helped me understand why I was experiencing some of the problems I was having. I didn't realize that some of the experiences that I had in the past, were still registered and unconsciously affecting my performance as well as my outlook on life. Your Body Talk approach and the modalities that you use are definitely something that needs to become main stream in the medical professions. Thank you for helping me understand my body better and that the road to health leads from the inside out.

P. M. (Flint, MI)

Since experiencing "Body Talk" for approximately one year with Dr. Robert Carter, I have been consistently amazed at its ability to not only enhance my physical health but also its moving through cell memory in order to expose the roots of particular issues of physical, mental or emotional discomfort. "Body Talk" is truly a remarkable healing paradigm. Of course, any health modality is only as proficient as its practitioner, and Dr. Robert Carter has certainly mastered the art of “Body Talk” to an amazing degree. He is profoundly capable of intuiting various body, mind and spirit challenges and to access their removal through the process of "Body Talk." Whether a person is facing physical illness, emotional upset, mental worry, grief or even career matters, relationship confusion or any other aspect of our lives as we move through our earthly sojourns, Dr. Robert Carter can help to eradicate inharmony. He is certainly at the ground floor of the re-awakening of a healing art that is thousands of years old, resurrected for twenty-first century planetary healing.

S. A.
College Professor, Reiki Master and Author (Southfield, MI)

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